We deliver indicators KOSMOS range with a mounting in switchboards. The ACK100, ACK101 and ACK103 devices allow assembly on a rail DIN EN50022 or EN50035 or on a vertical wall. The ACK100 device also allows mounting on a table, on the roof with a horizontal or inclined position of the apparatus 7 or 14 °.
Designed to replace instruments 72x36mm by the PICA series of 48x24mm. First make two 3.5mm holes in the panel in the position indicated on the attached map. Mount the PICA in ACK109 adapter with the seal between the PICA and adapter. Fix it on the back with PICA flange that will rest on the adapter. Insert the assembly into the hole in the panel. Place the washers and nuts provided on the pins at the back to secure the adapter to the panel. Dimensions adaptation plate: 84x38 mm
kits réf. ACK100 ( Micra & Junior ) or ACK101 ( Alpha & Beta ) include:

A. Two special attachment clips,
B. F90-M3 4 screws to fix the clips into the arms of the fork support E.
C. C 2 screws M4 to fasten stand D support behind the fork E.
D. 2 mountable brackets DIN EN50022 or EN50035 on track.
E. 1 fork support [AC100 for kit ACK100] or [AC101 for kit ACK101].