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Premabergo designs and builds purifications and drying units for gas and process fluids for oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

Treated fluids are hydrocarbons made of Propane, Butane, Benzene, Toluene, Hexane, Ethylene, Off-gas, or gas as Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc.

The units are generally skid mounted and they can be operated manually or fully automatically operated according to client requirements.

The absorption material can be different types as alumina, molecular sieves, etc. according to the client process requirements.

Metering System

Premabergo enjoys a long experience in the designing and manufacturing flow metering systems for a Natural gas, Crude oil, Liquid hydrocarbons of different kinds as well as Meter Prover calibration skid units.

The systems that are generally skid mounted, are engineered according to requested performance and to the characteristics of fluids to be measured. As such various kind (types) of flow elements could be used such as Orifice plates, Gas and Liquid Turbines, PD meters, Ultrasonic flow meters etc.

The metering functions are monitored and controlled by an Metering Supervisory System.

Gas Treatment

Premabergo designs and builds gas treatment plant for Filtration, Heating, Pressure reduction of natural gas and liquids; the plants are skid mounted and Turn-key.

Furthermore Premabergo can supply components for terminals such as pig traps, indirect gas heaters, flame arrestors and others.


Premabergo has a long experience in the design and construction of systems for generating sodium hypochlorite solution out of see water or brine.

The hypochlorite solution is used to prevent algae and biological components growth in large flow cooling water system for industrial plants.