Model DKT-1
Pocket-Size Thermocouple Thermometer
Selectable °F/°C, Accepts Mini-Plug Input

Model 472A-1
Dual Input Thermocouple Thermometer
Accepts J, K, T Thermocouples, Differential Temperature Indication

Model 652-0
High Accuracy Programmable Transmitter
RTD, Thermocouple, Voltage or Potentiometer Input, Galvanically Isolated

Series 650
Temperature Transmitter
4 to 20 mA Signal, Two Wire Operation, Temperatures from -55 to 180°C

Series 651
Temperature Transmitter
RTD or Thermocouple Input, Zero and Span Adjust, Linearized 4 to 20 mA Signal

Series 659
Push-Button Temperature Transmitter
Programmable, RTD, Thermistor or Thermocouple Input, In-Head Mounting

Series BTO
Bimetal Thermometer with Transmitter Output
Bimetal Stem with 4 to 20 mA Output, 3" or 5" dial

Series TTE
Explosion-Proof RTD Temperature Transmitter
User Selectable Ranges, Optional LCD Display

Series HHT
Hazardous Area Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
Intrinsically Safe or Explosion-Proof Models

Series TTW
Weatherproof Immersion Temperature Transmitter
Pt100 RTD, PC Programmable Transmitter

Series BTT
Temperature Transmitter
Current or Voltage Output; NEMA 4X Enclosures

Model LoveLink™III
Configuration Monitoring & Logging Software
Designed for Love Temperature Controls

Model SCD-SW
Configuration & Monitoring Software
Series 1500
Temperature Controller
1/16 DIN, Microprocessor Based, Self-Tune PID

Series 2600
Temperature/Process Controller
1/4 DIN Self-Tune PID, Fuzzy Logic Software

Series 2500
1/4 DIN Fully Programmable, Self-Tune PID

Series 16A
Temperature/Process Controller
1/16 DIN, Universal Input, Fuzzy Logic, Self-Tune PID

Series 8600
Temperature/Process Controller
1/8 DIN Self-Tune PID, Fuzzy Logic Software

Series 32B
1/32 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
Universal Input, Dual Temperature Output Control, RS-485 Communication

Series 4B
1/4 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
Dual Control Output, RS-485 Communication, Auto-Tuning

Series 16B
1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
Dual Control Output, RS-485 Communication, Universal Inputs

Series 8C
1/8 DIN Temperature Controller
ON/OFF or PID Control, Auto-Tuning, RS-485 Communication

Series 32A
Temperature/Process Controller
1/32 DIN, Universal Input, Self-Tune, Fuzzy Logic

Series 16L
Limit Control
FM Approved, Large Dual Display, Universal Input

Series 32DZ
Temperature/Process Controller
1/32 DIN, Dual Zone Control, Fuzzy Logic, Self-Tune PID

Series 8B
1/8 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
Vertical Mount, Dual Control Output, RS-485 Communication

Series 16C
1/16 DIN Temperature Controller
PID Control, Auto-Tuning, Dual Display, RS-485 Communication

Series 4C
1/4 DIN Temperature Controller
PID Control, Auto-Tuning, Large Dual Display, RS 485 Communication

Series SCD
DIN Rail Temperature/Process Controller
Universal Inputs, Up to 8 PID Loops, Modbus® Communications

Series SCD-8
Multi- Loop DIN Rail Mount Temperature Controller
Upto to 8 Control Loops, Optional Display

Series 16G, 8G, 4G
Temperature/Process Loop Controller
Universal Input, Dual Output, On/Off PID or Fuzzy Logic Output Control

Series RTD
Resistance Temperature Detector
High Temperature, Mineral Insulated, 316 SS Sheath

Series AVG
Averaging Temperature Sensor
Available in 12' or 24' Lengths

Digital Temperature Switch Probe
Hand Held Thermocouple
Series 5
General Purpose Thermocouples
Series 6
Sensor for Extruders and Plastic Machines
Series 8
Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
Series 7
Protection Tube Assembly Thermocouple and Replacement Thermocouple Elements
Series 9
Special Application Thermocouples & RTD's
Series D
Sensors for Sanitary Applications
Series EC
Extension Cables
Series P
Penetration Probes
Series W
Series T
Temperature Sensor Assemblies with Thermowells
Series ILA
In-Line IR Sensor
15:1 Distance-to-Target Ratio, 32 to 932°F

Series O-4
Outside Air Temperature Sensor
NEMA 4X, Removable Terminal Block

Series CC1
Averaging Temperature Sensor Clip
3/8", 1/4", or 1/8" Sensor Diameters

Series S2-2
General Purpose Surface Temperature Assembly
Strap-On Design, Multiple Conduit Holes

Series S2-4
Weatherproof Surface Temperature Assembly
Strap-On Design, Twist off Housing Cover

Series I2-4
Weatherproof Immersion Temperature Sensor
Twist Off Cover, Multiple Conduit Holes

Series I2-1
Immersion Temperature Probes
RTD & Thermistor Outputs, 304 SS Probes

Series I2-2
General Purpose Immersion Temperature Sensor
Locking Screw Cover, Multiple Conduit Holes

Series WTP
Wireless Temperature Sensor
Transmits up to 100 Feet, NEMA 4X Enclosure

Series WTP-R
Wireless Remote Probe Temperature Sensor
Transmits up to 100 Feet, Up to 25 Feet of Capillary

Series WTP-W
Wireless Wall Mount Temperature Sensor
Transmits up to 100 Feet, Manual Override

Series TE-W & TE-WSS
Wall Mount & Stainless Steel Wall Plate Temperature Sensors
Discrete Wall Mount Housing vs. Screw Terminal Connection, Suitable for Wash Down Applications

Series TE
Duct and Immersion Building Automation Temperature Sensor
Available up to 18" Probe Length, Thermistor or RTD Outputs

Series M
Magnetic Surface Thermocouple
Attach to Any Ferrous Metal Surfaces

Series S2-1
Surface Mount Temperature Sensors
RTD and Thermistor, 304 SS Probe, Waterproof

Temperature Sensor Accessories

Series TE-A
Averaging Temperature Sensors
Available in 6', 12' and 24' Lengths

Outdoor Temperature Sensors
Protection Against Radiated Heat, Weatherproof Housing

Series TE-SNW
Weather Resistant Surface Temperature Sensors
Strap On Design, Twist Off Cover, 2 to 6" Pipe Sizes

Series TE-E/N
Wall Mount Temperature Sensor
Discrete Wall Mount Housing

Series 4
General Purpose RTD
Series R
Mineral Insulated RTD
Model A-709
Temperature Transmitter Enclosure
Fits Series 651 and 659 Transmitters

Series TG
Polycarbonate Wall Mount Thermostat Cover
Key Lock Protection, Easy to Mount

Series LVT
Digital Programmable Indoor Thermostat with Heat Pump Control
4 Event - 2 Day Program Schedule, Filter Use Indicator

Model PLVT1
Compact Digital Thermostat with Heat Pump Control
5 Control Mode Types, Large LCD Display

Model TLVT1
Digital Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat with Heat Pump Control
5 Control Modes, Large LCD Display


Indicators for temperature.
Series DPMX
Extra Large Digital Panel Meter
3-1/2 Digit LED Display, 2.3" Segment Height, Process Inputs

Series LCI132
Process Indicator
1/32 DIN, Fully Programmable

Series LCI508 & LCI608
Digital Panel Meter
1/8 DIN, Process, Load Cell & Potentiometer Input

Series LCI308 & LCI408
Panel Meter Indicator
1/8 DIN, High Accuracy, Peak & Valley Display

Series DPMP
LCD Digital Panel Meter
3-1/2 Digit, User Selectable Engineering Units, Panel Mount

Series DPML
LCD Digital Panel Meter
4-1/2 Digit LCD, Selectable Engineering Units, Panel Mount

Series DPMA
LCD Digital Process Meter
1/8 DIN, Loop Powered, Large 3-1/2 Digit Display

Series DPMW
LCD Digital Panel Meter
3-1/2 Digits, Window Mount

Series TID
Temperature/Process Indicator
Low Cost, 3-Digit Display, 1% Accuracy

Model WTI-100
Wall Plate Digital LCD Temperature Indicator
Battery Operated, Less than 1" Deep

Series LTI
Temperature Panel Meter
1/8 DIN, Large Dual-Line Display

Series SPPM
Smart Programmable Panel Meter
Fully Field Configurable, 16-Bit Color Touch Screen Display

Series KS
Irreversible Temperature Label
Indicators and Strips, Displays both °F and °C

Series KS-04/05
Reversible Temperature Strip
Indicators and Strips, Displays both °F and °C


Sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific temperature.
Series TCS
Thermocouple Temperature Switch
Heating and Cooling Control, 16 Amp Rating, Two Alarms

Series TS2
Digital Temperature Switch
Easy Multi-Unit Programming, 16 A SPDT Relay Output

Series TSX
Digital Temperature Switch
Dual Input, Cooling Applications, Single or Dual Relay Output

Series TS
Digital Temperature Switch
3-Digit Display, Heating/Cooling Control, 8 or 16 Amp Relay

Series TSS2
Dual Stage Temperature Switch
Two Independent Relay Outputs, Heating or Cooling Control

Series TSWB
Digital Temperature/Water Level Switch
Two Temperature Set Points, Low Water Level Alarm

Model TS2-K
Digital Temperature Switch Configuration Key
Battery Powered, Quick Programming

Series TS3
Digital Temperature Switch
Field Selectable Engineering Units, Real Time Clock

Series TSX3
Digital Refrigeration Temperature Switch
Intelligent Defrost, HACCP Alarm Logging

Series 40T/40M
Digital Temperature Switch
3-1/2 Digit Display, Programming Configuration Key

Model TS485
RS-485 Serial Communications Module
Connects to Configuration Key Port

Series TSW
Weatherproof Digital Temperature Switch
NEMA 4X Housing, Single or Dual Stage, 20 A Contact Rating

Series TSCC
Digital Dispensing Temperature Control
Controls Product Temperature and Dispensing Flow Rates

Series 16L
Limit Control
FM Approved, Large Dual Display, Universal Input

Series TSF
Thermocouple Limit Control
FM Approved Temperature Limit Control

Series TSF-DF
Thermocouple Limit Control
UL Approved Temperature Limit Control

Series DA-7035N
Temperature Switches
Bulb and Capillary, Inert Gas Fill

Model 862E
Explosion-Proof, Heavy-Duty Thermostat
Line or Low Voltage, Heating or Cooling

Series DFS
Low Limit Freeze Protection Switch
Manual and Auto Reset, DPDT Output


Thermometer indicators for temperature.
Series BT
Bimetal Thermometer
2", 3" or 5" Dial, Dual Scale, ±1% FS Accuracy, External Reset

Series ST
Surface Mount Thermometer
2" Dual Scale Dial, ±2% FS Accuracy

Model HWT250
Hot Water Thermometer
Bimetal Type with Brass Separable Well

Series BT15S/BT20S
Sanitary Bimetal Thermometer
1-1/2" & 2" Sanitary Clamp Sizes Available

Series BTL
Side Reading Bimetal Thermometer
Horizontally Mounts to Tank

Series BTLRN
Long Reach Bimetal Thermometer
Extra-long Stems Reach Remote Areas, Gripping Handle Available

Series BTP
Pipe-Mounted Bimetal Surface Thermometer
3 Spring Sizes, Fits Pipe Sizes from 3/4" to 6"

Series BTPM
Panel Mount Bimetal Stem Thermometer
Front Flange with Back Connection for Easy Mounting

Series CBT
Clip-On Bimetal Thermometer
Fits Any Size Pot, Adjustable Set Point Pointer

Series GBT
Glow-in-the-Dark Bimetal Thermometer
Scale Background Glows, Scratch-Resistant Glass Lens

Series BTM3
Maximum/Minimum Bimetal Thermometer
Scratch Resistant Glass Lens, Max/Min Temperature Pointer

Psychrometer & Slide Charts
Series STC
Pipe-Mount Bimetal Surface Thermometer
Fits Pipe Sizes from 3/4" to 2-3/8", Clip-on Mount

Series RRT3
Remote Reading Thermometer with Switch
SPDT Relay, Liquid Actuated Bulb and Capillary

Series IT
Industrial Thermometer
9" Scale, Adjustable Angle Stem

Series IT-W
Industrial Thermometer Thermowell
Fits Series IT Thermometers with 3-1/2" and 6" Stem Lengths

Model RFT
Refrigerator-Freezer Thermometer
Spirit Filled

Series DBT
Digital Solar-Powered Bimetal Thermometer
LCD Display, Adjustable Angle Stem

Series DRFT
Digital Solar-Powered Thermometer
LCD Display, Remote Probe, Compact Size

Series SIT
Solar Powered Industrial Thermometer
Adjustable Stem and Display Housing, °F/°C Switchable