Air Velocity

Pocket Wind Meters, Wind Meters, Wind Speed Indicators, Vaneometers and Air Velocity Transmitters.
Wind Speed Indicator
Portable Wind Meter
Portable Wind Meter
Model MW-1
Pocket Wind Meter
Measures Wind Speed and Temperature, Wide Range

Model 89088
Pocket Wind Meter
Measures Wind Speed, Wind Chill and Temperature

Model 641RM
Air Velocity Transmitter with Remote Probe
For Remotely Mounting Electronic Enclosure

Model 641B
Air Velocity Transmitter
Dirty Air Flow Applications

Series AVU
Air Velocity Transmitter
Ideal for Building Automation Systems, ±5% or ±8% Full Scale Accuracy

Series 641
Air Velocity Transmitter
High Accuracy, Field Selectable Ranges

Model 480 Vaneometer
Vaneometer™ Swing Vane Anemometer
Use This Sensitive Dwyer Unit to Measure Low Air Velocities – at Low Cost