Process Control

Alarm Switch Modules, Chart Recorders, Current Transformers, Current Switches, Data Loggers, Enclosures, Fan Speed Controllers, Intrinsically Safe Barriers, Indicating Annunciators, Isolating Transmitters, Motion/Safety Switches, Panel Meters/Indicators, Particulate Sensors/Transmitters, Power Supplies and Transformers, Relays, Signal Conditioners/Converters, SSR Monitors, Timer Boards, Timers, and Vibration Controls
Series DCT500ADC
Low Cost Timer Controller
For Low Voltage Applications

Series DCT1000DC
Dust Collector Timer Controller
For Low Voltage Applications

Series DCT1000
Dust Collector Timer Controller
Modular Design, User Friendly, Up to 22 Channels

Series DCT500A
Low Cost Timer Controller
Compact, Easy to Use; 4, 6 or 10 Channels

Series DCT600
Timer Controller
With Universal Power for Both 120 and 220 VAC

Series DCTE
Photohelic® Switch/Gage On-Demand Cleaning Controller
Reverse Pulse-Jet Cleaning Initiated by Differential Pressure

Series DCTS
Timer Controller with Expander Board
Expandable Up To 44 Channels

Model 4380
Process Signal Converter/Isolator
Converts Process Signal, Isolates to 1500 V RMS

Series SC4
Iso Verter® II Signal Conditioning Module
Accepts Virtually All Standard Process Signals

Series 350
Mother Node™ Communication Signal Converter
Converts RS-232 to RS-485, Isolates & Repeats

Model FC-1000
Electronic Fan Speed Control
Low Cost, 0-10 VDC Input, Selectable Hard Start

Series MTL5041/5045
Galvanic Barrier
Intrinsically Safe Isolators for Hazardous Locations

Series MTL7706/7787
Zener Barrier
Intrinsically Safe Barriers for Hazardous Locations

Model KFD0
Galvanic Barrier
Loop Powered, Intrinsically Safe Isolators

Series PMS
Particulate Sensor
Reliable Operation, Minimal Maintenance

Series DPM
Particulate Monitor
Real-Time Leak Gauge, Adjustable Alarm Points

Series CAB
Sensor Cable
Series A-900 & A-901
1/4 DIN Control Enclosure
Weatherproof, Durable, Pre-Cut Mounting Hole

Series PME
Panel Meter Enclosures
For 1/8 DIN Meters

Series MTL20/30
Miniature USB Data Logger
Measure Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point

Series DW-USB
Compact USB Data Logger
Measure Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Current, Voltage, or Carbon Monoxide

Mini Temperature Data Logger
Single Channel, USB Interface

Real-time USB Data Logger
Powered from USB Port, Compact

Compact USB Data Logger with Display
Integral LCD Display, LED Status Indication

Model DW-USB-1-HT
High Temperature USB Data Logger
316 SS Construction, Up To 32,510 Readings

Handheld Portable Data Viewer
Works With DW-USB Data Logger

Series DPMX
Extra Large Digital Panel Meter
3-1/2 Digit LED Display, 2.3" Segment Height, Process Inputs

Model PM706
Temperature Panel Meter
Dual Alarm, Relay and Analog Output

Model A-701
Digital Panel Meter
1/8 DIN Housing, Integral Power Supply

Model LPI
Loop Powered Indicator
Square Root Function and User Defined Curves 4-Digit LED

Series BPI
Battery Powered Temperature Indicator
RTD or T/C Input, 4-Digit Display, Selectable °F or °C

Series LCI132
Process Indicator
1/32 DIN, Fully Programmable

Series LCI508 & LCI608
Digital Panel Meter
1/8 DIN, Process, Load Cell & Potentiometer Input

Series LCI308 & LCI408
Panel Meter Indicator
1/8 DIN, High Accuracy, Peak & Valley Display

Series DPMP
LCD Digital Panel Meter
3-1/2 Digit, User Selectable Engineering Units, Panel Mount

Series DPML
LCD Digital Panel Meter
4-1/2 Digit LCD, Selectable Engineering Units, Panel Mount

Series DPMA
LCD Digital Process Meter
1/8 DIN, Loop Powered, Large 3-1/2 Digit Display

Series DPMW
LCD Digital Panel Meter
3-1/2 Digits, Window Mount

Series LTI
Temperature Panel Meter
1/8 DIN, Large Dual-Line Display

Series PPM
Pulse Panel Meter
1/8 DIN, Dual-Line 6-Digit Display, Flow Rate and Totalizer

Series PMA
Panel Meter Accessories
For PPM, APM, MPM, and LTI Series Panel Meters

Series MPM
Multi Panel Meter
1/8 DIN, Dual-Line 6-Digit Display, Multi-Pump Alternation Control

Series APM
Analog Panel Meter
Multi-Pump Alternation Control, Open-Channel Flow, Rate and Totalizer

Series SPPM
Smart Programmable Panel Meter
Fully Field Configurable, 16-Bit Color Touch Screen Display

Model DPMF
Flush Mount LCD Digital Panel Meter
3-1/2 Digit LCD, Surface Mount

Series BGM
Bar Graph Meter
Clear Relative Position & High Resolution In One

Series SSR
Solid State Relay
5 or 10 Amp, SPST Switch Operation

Model SSR-15
Intrinsically Safe Relay
SPST Switch Operation, 5 Amp

Series 861SSR
DIN/Panel Mountable Solid State Relay
10 Amp, SPST-NO Operation, Internal Heat Sink

Series 62
Hockey Puck Solid State Relay
10 or 25 Amp, SPST-NO Operation

Series 9
Electromechanical Relay
30 Amp, SPDT and DPDT Operation

Series 820
DIN Rail Mountable Time Delay Relay
15 Amp, SPDT/DPDT Operation

Series 750H
Hermetically Sealed Relay
12 Amp, DPDT Operation (8-pin) or 3PDT Operation (11-pin)

Series 199
Open Style Power Relays
DPDT, 40 Amp Rating (AC or DC)

Series 725
Power Relay
SPST-NO Operation, 30 Amp or DPST-NO Operation, 25 Amp

Time Delay Relay
12 Amp, DPDT Operation

Series 781
SPDT Ice Cube Relays
20 Amp, SPDT Operation

Series 782
DPDT Ice Cube Relays
15 Amp, DPDT Operation

Series 783
3PDT Ice Cube Relays
15 Amp, 3PDT Operation

Series 861H
Hazardous Rated Solid State Relays
15 Amp Rating, SPST-NO, Internal Heat Sink

Series 784
4PDT Ice Cube Relays
15 Amp, 4PDT Operation

Series 782H
Hermetically Sealed Ice Cube Relays
5 Amp, 4PDT Operation, Class 1 Div II Rated

Series LTP
Single & Three Phase Solid State Relay
Zero-Crossover or Phase Angle Fired

Series LTT
SSR Monitor
Monitors SSRs for Loss of Line, Open Load, Shorted SSR, Loss of DC Power

Series NSS
Non-Contact Speed Switch
Compact Housing, Easy Installation

Series DSS
Direct-Contact Speed Switch
Rugged Housing, Electronics and Mechanical Components in One Housing

Model CBAS
Belt Alignment Switch
Adjustable Activation Angles, Two Micro Switches

Model CPS
Cable Pull Switch
For Emergency or Normal Shut-Off

Model VBT-1
Vibration Transmitter
Continuous 4 to 20 mA Output Signal

Series VBS
Vibration Switch
Adjustable Switch and Delay Settings, Continuous 4 to 20 mA Output

Model MN-1
Mini-Node™ Communication Signal Converter
Converts RS-485 to USB, Integral USB Connector, No External Power

Series CSE-KN
Carbon Steel Enclosure with Knockouts
Sub-Panel Included, General Purpose Enclosure, UL Approved

Series SSE
Series SSE Stainless Steel Enclosure
Wall Mounted, NEMA 4X, UL Approved

Series CSE-N1
Carbon Steel Enclosures
Wall Mounted, General Purpose Enclosure, UL Approved

Series CSE-3R
Galvannealed Steel Enclosures
Wall Mounted, NEMA 3R, UL Approved

Series LCR10
Circular Chart Recorder
Single Pen, Clockwise or Counter-clockwise Rotation

Series LCR20
Dual Pen Circular Chart Recorder
Dual Pen, Adjustable Rotation Speeds, Selectable Recording Times

Series SC1
Process/Temperature Alarm Switch Module
Two Form C (SPDT) Switches, Small Size, Mounts Easily on 35 mm DIN Rail

Series 3868
Tell Tale Jr.™ Open Heater Detector
Indicates Open Loads

Series LTTJ
Current Transformer
0 to 10 VDC Analog Output, Fully Adjustable Output, Over Voltage Protection

Series SCS
Current Switch
Optional Relay Output, Solid or Split Core Case

Series CCT40/50
Current Transformer
Solid or Split Core, Field Selectable Range

Series CCT60/70
True RMS Current Transformer
Solid or Split Core, Field Selectable Range

Series CCS
Current Switch
Solid or Split Core, LED Visual Confirmation, Fixed or Adjustable Set Point

Series SCT
Current Transformer
Optional Auxiliary, Relay Output, Split Core

Series MCS
Miniature Current Switch
Low Cost, Solid or No Core, LED Confirmation, Adjustable Set Point

Model MSCS
Miniature Current Switch
Split Core, Integral Mounting Tabs

Series SSCS
Sure-Set Current Switch
Split Core, Adjustable Set Point

Series AN2
Indicating Alarm Annunciator
Up to 8 Inputs, Integral Power Supply

Series PMT
Particulate Transmitter
2-Wire Loop Powered

Series PMT2
Particulate Transmitter
Digital Damping, Non-Stick Probe, For Broken Bag Detection

Series LCT216
Digital Timer / Tachometer / Counter
3 Controls in 1 Device, DIP Switch Configuration

Series LCT316
Low Cost Digital Timer
Quick Installation, Digital Input, Audible Alarm

Series SVT
Solenoid Valve Enclosure with Timer
Compact Size, NEMA 4X Enclosure

Model GDL
Graphical Display Data Logger
Measure Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point, Instant Display

Series UDL
Universal Input Data Logger
Internal Temperature Sensor, Optional Internal Humidity Sensor and Display, Universal Inputs

Model GDL-T
Graphical Display Data Logger
3 External Temperature Sensors, 1 Internal Temperature Sensor

Series WTDL
Wireless Temperature/Humidity Data Logger
Transmission up to 400 Feet, Text/Email Alarm Updates

Series APT
AC Power Transformers
40 VA to 100 VA, Single or Dual Hub, Circuit Breaker, UL Class 2