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Model A-699
Control Transformer
Model A-700
Power Supply
Model BPS-015
Low Cost DC Power Supply
1.5A, Fuse Protection

Model KF-CC-304
USB Dual Power
Charge Two USB Devices at Once!

Model BPS-005
Low Cost DC Power Supply
Regulated 0.5 A, 1 A Fuse Protection

Series APT
AC Power Transformers
40 VA to 100 VA, Single or Dual Hub, Circuit Breaker, UL Class 2


Model F195
Disposable In-Line Filter
Series AFR
Air Filter Regulator
Model F222/Model F451
Liquid/Particle Filter
Series F700
Nylon Filter
Ideal for Filtering Liquids and Gasses in Low Pressure Systems

Series F
For Pneumatic Air Applications

Series FR
Filter -Regulator
Combination Packages For Pneumatic Air Applicatons

Series SAFR
Subminiature Air Pressure Regulator
Air Regulator, Compact and Light Weight, Low Cost

Series AFR2
Instrument Air Filter Regulator
Compact, Stainless Steel Models, Cost-Effective

Series A-5000
Shut-Off Valve
3-Way PVC Ball Valve

Series A-240/A-250
Perforated or Spiral Cooling Tower
Protect Instrumentation in High Temperature Applications

Series GG
Gage Guard
Series PS
Pressure Snubber
Adjustable Pressure Snubber
Protect Instruments from Pressure Spikes or Fluid Hammer
Series A-4000
Quick Connect Pneumatic Valve

Series A-3000
Quick Connect Pneumatic Fittings
Series A-2000
Nylon/Stainless Steel Fitting

Mounting Options
For Dwyer Products
Series A-320
Instrument Enclosure
Protects Various Instruments