Remote Terminal Unit

A global stand alone remote solution. More than a single remote terminal unit, SM@RT U is a global telemetry solution. The SM@RT U package includes: a field device and a web server application (MyMeci Cloud). Using MyMeci Cloud, the operator can manage all the SM@RT U, monitor all the plants and collect all the data recorded on the field. With an ultra low energy management, the SM@RT U with its very long life battery allow a permanent site accessibility. A smartphone or tablet application offers to the operator a very easy data exploitation on site through a wireless communication. The SM@RT U display completes the user interface.

Sectors of application:

  • Transport-distribution interface delivery station.
  • Transport or distribution industrial delivery station.
  • Regulator station at the distribution and transport.
  • Key points:

  • Global telemetry solution with ultra low power design.
  • Evolutive and secured wireless solution.
  • MyMeci Cloud: a friendly and opened web application.
  • Easy and quick commissioning.
  • Main technical data:

  • A GSM,GPRS internal modem.
  • A Bluetooth 4.0 low energy link.
  • Temperature: Pt100.
  • Pressure: dedicated digital sensor.
  • The SM@RT LOGGER is a data recorder or data logger that records and sends your data to a server in your computer network or to MyMECICloud, the web server provided by MECI. More than a mechanical recorder, the SM@RT LOGGER provides redundant local and remote, high-performance recording. The local record is available via your "smartphone" or "tablet". It gives the operator a simple and easy operation through a Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication. The remote storage allows centralization limitless information of all client installations. The data sent on the GSM/GPRS network are used by the « SM@RT Suite » web application directly on your network or through MyMECICloud. The « SM@RT Suite » application gives an overall view of the network, curve and operating data, event log and centralized management of SM@RT LOGGERs (configuration standardization, uniformity of firmware. SM@RT LOGGER records pressures, temperatures and status changes in explosive zones autonomously, without any external power supply and for a period of ten years.

    Sectors of application:

  • All applications in the gas and oil domains requiring pressure and temperature monitoring.
  • For example: an expansion station at the gas distribution and transport level.
  • Key points:

  • A low consumption, remotely communicating recorder in explosive zones (ATEX).
  • An evolutive and secure wireless communications management.
  • MyMECICloud: an open and user-friendly web application.
  • Simple, easy and cheap commissioning.
  • Secure local Bluetooth operation from a tablet or a smartphone.
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