Supervisory Systems

A comprehensive, modular system. With its new SATELIS TM automation and supervisory system, Satam, a sister company of Meci, offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for the management of all aspects of depot and terminal operations. SATELIS TM is a modular system allowing implementation of only those specific functions required by the operator. It is equally adaptable to small size depots requiring only the monitoring of loading areas, and to large sites requiring comprehensive control and monitoring of the entire facility. Thanks to its total control of loading operations and its extended communication features, SATELIS TM can manage, using a variety of additional operational modules, all the control systems and processes necessary for supplementary or total operation of your depot as well as any later developments made to it.

Sectors of application:

  • Data base management and loading area control.
  • Persons and vehicles access and traffic control.
  • Tank farm management.
  • Product reception and dispensing management.
  • Pumps and valves control.
  • Key points:

  • Modular approach with an open and flexible concept.
  • Ergonomic interface for intuitive management.
  • Dynamic management and maintenance tool.
  • Main technical data:

  • Microsoft Windows based operating system.
  • Adaptable relational databases management: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or other ODBC.
  • Open communications using TCP/IP, FTP, OPC.
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